Gwaenysgor and Trelawnyd Welcome You

Gwaenysgor and Trelawnyd in Flintshire, North Wales are two villages with a joint community council.

This site is a guide to village information and events, as well as a place to tell the stories of Gwaenysgor and Trelawnyd. It’s aimed at residents and visitors and anyone else with an interest in these ancient villages.

This is a new website which includes contributions from both villages. To comment or contribute contact us at

Latest News

The Trelawnyd Friendship Club

trelawnyd friendship club

Trelawnyd Friendship Club came into being 32 years ago and was founded for the benefit of the residents of Trelawnyd and surrounding villages. We have a membership of 80 with… More

The Trelawnyd Flower Show


The Trelawnyd Flower Show has been an integral part of village life for over 43 years and takes place in August. The 2014 Show proved to be the most sucessful … More

Gwaenysgor Village Food Cooperative

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

The Welsh Assembly are encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables and across Wales food cooperatives have been set up to provide local produce, at cost, to local communities…. More